Det finns ett dolt handikapp i vårt vardagliga informationsledande samhälle. Nej, inte hörselnedsättningar. Handikappet ligger i bristen på insikt hos var och en, att

  1. Förstå att det är hörselnedsättning man har
  2. Acceptera sin hörselnedsättning.
  3. Ta reda på mer om vad hörselnedsättning innebär
  4. Ta reda på vilka stöd och råd som finns
  5. Upptäcka att man inte behöver bli eller vara så annorlunda
Relaterad bild
En tänkvärd illustration av ett accepterande. Det är först uppe till höger man kan få värde av fördelar. Det kan ta lite tid, så man når dit ju mindre man väntar.

Perspectives on how change management appar different from a technical and behavioral perspective.
Johari Window
This is a psychological tool created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1955. It can be simple and useful
A LinkedIn article is written about this, among dozen of other sources.
The model help to discern layers or levels of a person- or groups acceptance to a event, i.e. a change.
Rumsfeld Uncertainty
According to Rumsfeld, it's crucial to evaluate "unknown knowns" and unknown unknowns. A part of the idea is to declare
W5HH Principle
In project management for Software, there is a so called W5HH principle, to use for ensure that you cover the
Gartners I&O IT Maturity Model
This is a model from Gartner that assesses maturity in the critical dimensions People, Process, Technology and Business management. The
Resolved Owned Accepted Mitigated Risk Managenent
While Kruchten splits into Logical, Physical, Development and Process views. Tom Graves identify the modeling into what usually concern the
T-Shaped Competence Model
The T Shape model in general visualize the difference in competence in two axis. Either you are broad, an generalist.
Edward De Bono - Six thinking hats
Edward De Bono made up the methodology of "The Six thinking hats" to let different perspectives assess a situation. He
Observe Orient Decide Act
This four step decision making loop is used to frame available information. The framed information is to be put into
Plan Do Check Act
PDCA is used to reflect over a given problem and get some activities out from it. A given problem can
Hoshin Kanri
In the domain of reducing waste, focus on lean. Hoshin Kanri is also known as policy deployment and is a
Stakeholder Mangement Analysis Excel Sheet
Stakeholder analysis in a quadrant form where power and interest is used to segment stakeholders into how much value and
QFD - Quality function deployment
This product development process tool is inspired by the customers demands. It can be performed on a number of ways.
Illinois Model
The idea with the framework is to be an template for how to thrive in complexity and uncertainty. Specifically in
ABC - Activity Based Costing
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